Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturn, the Giver, Saturn the Mad

Saturn bringer of Old Age by Gustav Holst

Bringer of the golden age
Yet the eater of your children
The rings about your orbit
and your moons
Are destined to die
By your madness
Brought close to dwell
Yet you crush them
For fear that
They will destroy you
Consume you
So instead
You devour
Son of the Heavens
And of the Earth
You bring the harvest full
And the plow upon the land
Brings great fruition
But your fear
Of your place
In the pantheons
Confuses your magnificent
Grace in which you provide
Bring upon us
The harvest
Bring upon us
The winter cold
Deceived into allowing a child
To survive you
The prophecy arrived
That he’d remove you
Make you die
You made war upon Jupiter
And lost
You were slain
Thrown in the abyss
And your memories
Of ascendancy
Are gone