Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The shattering silence
Where the alien god laid
Upon his massive dais 
Beyond the depths
Of the horizon
This is not a tomb
For he is unable to die
He sleeps instead
There in his den
Where women and men
Are strapped to tables
They are then mated
With the foul deep ones
And with other children
Of the gods of the stars
Birthing abominations
For the pleasure
And entertainment
To satisfy the alien god's reign 
The humans who carried
The eggs, embryos and seed
Were slaughtered afterward
Rivers of blood
Swept away bodies of the slain
The sorrow of this
Never ended
The hybrids born
Earned the scorn
Leaving scars
From the hate
From the masters of war
Who fought to save
The human race
By separating
The decayed line
Of human subjects
And the deep ones
By smell alone
The hybrids are known
But their visage is one
To make men fear