Friday, January 22, 2016

Soar with me!

My soul grants consent
For you to take my hand
Join me in forever
Where we can be
I dreamed I saw you
Before we ever met
You were heaven sent
All I wished for
When I met you in this life
I no longer had to seek you
In my sleep and dreams
I awoke to your call
You are amazing
More beautiful
Than I've ever dreamt
I felt your presence
As you walked in the room
I immediately picked up
Your chosen scent
Orange blossoms
So much sexier
Than any perfume
My heart beats in ascent
Soon I will be flying
My body feels electric
Let us have one heart
Between us
Your eyes are so blue
So majestic
I want you to take me
So far from here
Let us soar, soar together
Our destination is anywhere
So long as you are near