Saturday, January 16, 2016

Despite knowing

Despite knowing
The world would burn
How many knew 
Still refused to turn
How many cried yet refused 
To call out his name
How many fled still 
When the Horsemen came
Yet, they came near me
They were near
And I heard them
It was easy to hear
Their hooves 
Strike the sky
Thunder crashes
So many die
The abyss awaits
And the abyss is deep
The final harvest had begun
And the world is asleep
The reaper had let the blade fall
There are no secrets left to keep 
Let the end come
As reaper reaps

"I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! 
Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following 
close behind him. They were given power over a 
fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, 
and by the wild beasts of the earth."

Revelation 6:8       The Holy Bible