Friday, January 8, 2016

Every sinner

Every sinner has his burden
Every Christ must carry his cross
And I know, I truly do
My time here is ending soon
So how should I address the one 
Who knows all of my thoughts
She has been inside my mind
Where I hide my pride
My deepest kept secrets
My hidden shames
All kept there from the world
My personae is false 
But magnificently and deeply wrought
She knows it all
Tells me so
But we never talk
We just stare at the sky
And bleed inside
Neither of us were ever taught
How to love another
So we linger in the darkness
Hoping to survive our flaws
But God
Nothing I have
Is ever enough
And now I am too tired
To ever 
How can I go on
When all I do
Is make strangers
Of lovers
Estrange family and friends
Into others

 "You must suffer me to go my own dark way.”
Robert Louis Stevenson