Friday, January 29, 2016

Boudica's Revenge

In an age of Roman expansion
The king of the Iceni tribe died
And what had been promised
To him in life
Was stolen away
Soon after his death
His daughters were raped
His wife tortured
And his tribe placed into subjugation
Die free, or live in slavery
The choice was clear
And Queen Boudica led a revolt
To send a message
To the invader Romans
That the Iceni and other Britons
Would not flee or surrender
They were defending their home
Boudica went into battle
Driving her people into frenzy
Burning Camulodunum
Destroying Londinium,
Destroying Verulamium
The Romans sent the IX Legion
To quell the rebellion
And the professional troops
Did indeed succeed
But that same Legion IX disappeared
100 years later
Still bleeding and in disorder
From the battles before

READ in detail the story of
Boudica and the Romans versus the Celts
in SACRED GROUND  by Ed Quinby and Alex Ness