Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Carrion Crows Feast upon My Past

She blocked the door
With her body
And asked me to stop
But I had to go
My heart was broken
Long ago
My dreams were gone
My prayers unspoken
I couldn't, ...
No, I wouldn't beg
I can't see what's right
And call it wrong
I couldn't see a crooked line
And think it straight
The world makes that mistake
Mistaking right for wrong
And straight lines for curves
The world is insane
Even inane
Without reason
My heart is not an asylum
So much more pain
Than I have ever deserved
I loved her
With more love
Than she would ever know
Still she crushed me
Pushed her hurt inside me
And told me to go
I lingered there waiting
Until I just couldn't look
At her face
And just couldn't face
A day's hurt overflow
I wasn't going to cut myself
Like fucking Van Gogh
So I said goodbye
With nothing left
And now I am walking
Dust rises and the carrion crows
And feast
Upon my fetid remains
And my pains
Of the corpse of my past