Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Beneath her veil

More than miles
More than years
I've searched
I've sought the truth
Fought against fears
And lost loved ones
To time and age
Lost my friends
To battles
And trials and tests
And now
After a decade search
I found the palace
The subject of my quest
Corridors, empty of souls
Towers watching no one
And the throne room
Once the seat from which
Life and death was decided
Now emptied of power
Neither gold nor prayers
Could energize it
The ghosts have even fled
The halls have become a tomb
And once
They were a womb
From which spawned
Power unchecked by man
Now there is dust
And memories
The treasure room
Is filled
There it is
A room so magnificent
Decorated with exquisite splendor
That pales in comparison
To the contents
Found inside
And without fail
Like always
I am more than awed
By what I find
When I enter the room
She is there
Beneath her veil
Aware of me and gazing
At the stars in her mind
She never stopped
Searching for her grail
But she knows
It is more than gone
But perhaps
It never was
And never will be
Because to find it
One must be
More than lucky
But blessed
And she thinks
She has never been that
Despite her beauty
Life has treated her
Like an object
Rather than a being
Worthy of the highest honor
The finest silks