Sunday, September 20, 2015

Burned into the legacy, all I've done is ash


Is it right?
What end is worth the fight
Why do I care
When I am in no position to bargain
Where is the compassion
For this fool's plight
Sand passes through my fingers
Like an eternal clock
Am I blind
Have my eyes died
Or is it simply the black of night?
You can see
I possess no answers
My mind is filled with cancers
And I cannot remember
At all
Rumors tell me
Where to go
Because I have no clues
Left over inside
My diseased mind
And no one tells me
Any longer
All I have is questions
And they do not quench easily
Answers are impossible
But I do have confessions
I stand in the light of the morning
With nothing but my soul
Having given my fight
Every concession means
The world has won
But it does not understand
The victory conditions
The end of me is this
I have no memory
My flesh has no victory
All I have
Is who I am
And what I've done
So begin pounding the nails
If that isn't satisfactory