Sunday, February 8, 2015


They have no faith
Except for their petty gods
Who dance upon the stage
Entertaining them
With their stylistic ignorance
Fashionable nihilistic ways
Begging as they do
Azrael's kiss
They adopt mourning songs
As their anthems
They surrender to fear
As they dive into the abyss
With no integrity
Without shame
I see that chasm
It is vast and growing
I have never given in
I have never given up
To the despair of this age
That forms shackles
About our wrists and ankles
And cynicism in our hearts
I refuse to bow before
Some heartless demon's orgasm
Random failures
Catastrophic defeats
None of these define me
Nor will they call my name
Because I will not bow
Before their fetid desires
Every thing they've done
Every act of rage
Aimed at me
Has been entirely in vain
Every act of my being
Is in rebellion to the way
That entropy and cynicism
Have stolen the day
I resist