Thursday, February 5, 2015

Every time

Every time you stare into my eyes
I can feel
As it goes straight through
Don't you realize that that burns my soul

I never meant to lie
I just didn't know the truth
I've never been whole
So I can't bear your sins
I'd like to
I can't bear your burdens
because I can't even mine

Sometimes I look into the sky
Dark clouds making me smile
I keep hoping for lightning
To strike me dead
So I'll know what it's like
To not be so paralyzed
With fear that someone
Can get near

When you look at me I turn invisible
When you talk I become deaf
When you walk away I abhor who I am
So then I turn around
Catch my breath
Run from this world, run from my life
Still hoping
That the lightning will strike
Then I will be free
From this sin of being me