Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ever ahead

By this pain
It costs me
Everything I am
To stay
I want to run
Far far away
Sometimes I want to say
Fuck the future
All there is, is now
But then
I see all those past generations
Who themselves
Said the same
And now the present
Is fucked
For the foreseeable
Ever ahead
Anything I do
Will not interrupt
The motions of time
Set forward
All I do
Will only be
A ripple
On the surface
Of the pond
Into the whirlpool
I will be sucked
And entombed
This body will be
To see if the cause
Of death
Was a curse
But it is not
The decay begins
The moment of birth
The flesh begins to turn
From our first moments
From the womb
But I go on
Despite the present