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Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

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copyright notice

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hidden Glory

He kept her in his keep
Deep behind thick walls
Holding her from others
So as to make her his own
In the evenings together they'd sleep
During days alone she'd suffer
Lonely for company, she was alone
He couldn't bear the thought
Of sharing her 
For the potential of her leaving
But it was due to his fear that it was this way
His mind created misery nightmares it wrought
For she was in love with him
Just as much as he treasured her
Together their souls were weaving 
And she wanted to be his
Together tie a ceremonial knot
He was so shy in demeanor
Not trusting of others
So fearful of fate
He barely spoke for fear of revealing
His plans to keep her
With him forever
Out of reach of another
This dance went on
Until they were old
And all others could think
Was how odd a pair