Monday, February 9, 2015

Above all, I am

Tomorrow comes and goes
And I haven't moved at all
My heart waits for you
Seeming to believe that it knows
That you will return
To come for me
Taking my hand, walking away
From this life
Finally, triumphantly
Maybe with a bouquet of roses

Some take my shyness
That is, my silence
In the face of the sorrow
As acquiescence
But it isn't at all
I am neither confused
Nor accepting
Simply calculating
The cost of opening

Broken yes, even crushed
But the wait is not the cause
Unfulfilled dreams
Desires unmet
Prayers unanswered
Loves lost and love that has died
Years of focusing upon my flaws
No one knows how deserving
I am, above all
Of being crushed and cast aside