Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I surrendered

In my home I was king
I lived in luxury and sweet comfort
But she came into my presence
And my being screamed
For here was this creature
Dancing with abandon
And sweet temptation
Before me she was
More than any man could desire
Such a cherished treasure
Temptation so powerful
Lust so indiscreet
I could taste it
And by any measure
She was perfect
She danced, moved so sweetly
Intoxicated my dreams
My being
So completely overwhelmed
By her
When she moved
Like she did
And again
Her perfume mixed with sweat
From her body’s work
Moving in rhythm
To the beat
My body swayed watching
And my heart moved along
Such sweet surrender
To her charms

My heart spoke and said
I completely surrender
And it was good