Friday, March 11, 2011


Vlad the Impaler
Vlad Dracula
Son of the Dragon
Was known for his cruelty
And he was remembered
In legend
But he ate bread dipped
In the blood of the impaled
He had prisoners blinded
Slaughtered thousands before him
To prevent the incursion of the Turks
Who worshiped Allah
For the cross, he said
He would drive them back
And he did
And more
His violent response
Was more than enough
To tell the Turks
That this land
Was his
But he was beyond cruel
He was evil
And to celebrate him
Is perhaps not cruel
But fails to hold
The ugly truth
The nightmare
He was the impaler
Greater than the legend
That would rise
When the legend
Doesn’t reach the reality
When what we know
Pales before the true toll
History compels us
To look closer
And his anger
Went beyond
All memory
Into nightmare