Friday, March 4, 2011

Death is an end of one day

Step away from reality
Forget about finality
Living is not the answer
Life is a fatal disease
Walk into the doorway
Walk upon a different stage
Walk upon the balcony
Enter in to a different place
Don’t be worried
Its all been arranged
Have an embrace
A kiss before dying
Azrael has been waiting
However you’ve come
You won’t be back
Forgive my apathy
No more wasting
No more desire
No more hope
Only fire
Only darkness
Only atrophy
So don’t wait long
Don’t worry nor weep
Don’t wail nor sadly sing
Time is a fantasy
Reality is endless
So long as you understand
Birth is a symphony
Death is an end of a single day
Life is a tragedy
Of a one act play
Living is a tune
Eternity is a rhapsody
A shout in a valley
A moment of exhilaration