Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Why do the wicked prosper

I can stare off into an endless sunset
Pondering the beauty of a million stars
And this one set upon a drape of sky
But then wonder hits me
Why are there so many lies
From false accusers
Why are there so many thieves
Of honor
From people who have nothing
Inside themselves
But jealousy towards another
Why are there so many hateful ones
Despite the bountiful harvest
They refuse their own share
And push yours from your mouth
Why do the wicked prosper, God?
Why do they do so without a sliver of guilt
When you rise up lord, do so with a shout
So that we may be waiting 
Because the wicked prosper
And it weaves emptiness
Into me
Into my being
No matter how we try
My belief in justice is seething
And I am waiting
Yes waiting