Monday, November 9, 2015

Betrayed by Truth

God is my sovereign
His word is truth
Truth is his domain
And there live's my king
In that land
Where my king's castle stands
I do not live within its walls
But the truth rules
Who I am
An outcast because I fear the words
That scarred me
All my life I've known
Abandonment, fear and decay
There is one conceit
That I must be wanted
But I was not and
Was instead betrayed
I could not be wanted?
By at least one?
How could that not be?
That I am not and never was
Is a truth shatters my lie
I've fought hard to remain
Aware, awake and alive
But why bother to bleed
If every single drop is in vain
No one cares if should die
Why bother dying
If there is no one to mock me
As I fall
Deeper and deeper
In despair
Why not live the lie
That others have lived before me
I am worthy
And I should be proud
I am good enough
For all to love
Not just by one
But by everyone