Sunday, November 8, 2015

Evidence, Proof, and Invitations

So many people demand proof.  All I can say is that life is proof.  Death is proof.  Every soul born to this earth, will die.  No one gets out alive.

As such, I no longer care about the facts. There is no such thing as evidence or truth that all agree upon.  Life does not bother with fair, only upon contempt.  That is, contempt for idealism, for hope. I am scorned and I am losing my mind.

It is decaying inside and out. There is nothing there except for my emptiness, left there after the trauma stole my thoughts.  I am hollow inside after having had a raped soul.  I was not a victim, but I did not give consent.

This world takes and does not give.  All along I have desired hope and peace while this world offers damnation, instead.  I exist, not live. I try but only survive.  I care while the world says die. Je regrette que je ne peux pas accepter l'invitation.