Friday, November 20, 2015

Delivering Redemption


She came delivering
Not packages, just hope
I tempted fate and took a walk
Leaving a fight with someone
I loved more than life
My heart beat like mad
I saw her coming up the flight
Of my apartment after the fight
Earlier I had walked away
Quickly and I had left, angrily
We had a hard time listening
Slipping between
Screams and whispering
And tears
Even though I'd not been at fault
I was responsible for not being clear
Worse, I was not forgiving
Which led to no understanding
But she came after me
Seeking to make it right
I had miles to grow
Years to learn
Adulthood to enter
But she came to me
After I had left
And was the first person
Not to throw me out
With the trash

My wife was the person in my life who was the first one who ever gave me a chance to explain myself, to be forgiven, to be understood.  We all need to belong to something or someone.  I knew my heart was in the right place, in her hands.  Years later after years of journey, things are never easy, because life is not easy, but I refuse to surrender.  She is my love.