Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Clouds might obscure the sun, but it still shines

Led by my fears
Rather than my joy
Brought my tears
And crushed
This little boy
So I resolved to change
I would linger
In each moment
Of love and loving
Instead of rushing
Through the time
If I am upon the stage
I would give every line
Every action my focus
Until the curtain would fall
Time has its own cost
Its own torment
We all pay it
So why should I rush
Actors play their parts
The curtain will fall when ready
So why not let the moment
Be what it is
Let me linger in the love
Of the ones who
I might never see
Ever again
In this life
Clouds obscure the sun
But the sun is still there
I won't assume the gray
Is permanent
Nor assume
It is there to plague me
Like always