Monday, March 30, 2015

Ares will be redeemed

Many saw the signs but never knew
They saw the portents
But didn't connect the relationships
However much they existed
The Greeks and allies alike
Ignorantly supped upon the hubris
That was their belief in their agency
In their greatness forgetting
The reasons for their ascent
Had they looked into the sea
Had they seen their reflection
They would have been amazed
To see their great hungers
For pleasures
For vanity
For treasures
The flesh, the vanity, and riches
Had accompanied their ascent
So high above any other people
Upon the earth before or nearly after
From that high place they fell
And the day of rebellion came
Grace became disgrace
There was no gradual abandon
The revolt was a lightning strike
At once a shock
Gorgeous and destructive
As well as impermanent
The world we looked upon
As our own to watch
Had now grown out of our control
Only I was willing to slay them
Our human children
The moment they stopped worship
At the holy foot of Mount Olympus
For now, they deigned to mock their gods
They fell from their devotion
They lost their fervent ways
They offered no sacrifice
They had lost their faith
Father Zeus and my mother Hera
Never knew the depths of my rage
Aphrodite could soothe it
Even the worst of the pangs
But that rage boiled inside
It laid waste to my mind
It led to my destruction
With my sons Phobos and Deimos
And my beloved daughter Adrestia
My friends Nemesis and Nike
Always by my side
The dishonor accorded to us
By the acts of the Greeks
Would be avenged
The lack of fidelity to their faith
Would be cleansed
By blood
None should wonder
Why men love war
It is redemptive
It is an answer
To every question
And when the last human passes
The descent has ended
And the cycle will renew