Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I can't fix what others have done, but I can love you

Spring mist and gray
Spent my day walking
Through the burnt fields
I didn't make any breakthroughs
Instead I am covered in mud
Blackened from last autumn's burn
I still know what you are going to do
Going away won't make it right
My heart is bursting with tears
With sadness pouring down
I am becoming slowly more paralyzed
Knowing and grieving as the day nears
That day when you go away for good
I can't bear the sorrow alone
But you have no way of knowing what is my heart
I want you to stay but I can't make you do that
So instead I will watch you go, will burn inside and know
I will never see you again no matter how it breaks me
Walking home through the mud
The birds fly over head maybe they have a portent for me
They seem to say you are leaving but that is something I knew

(Public domain image)