Monday, March 16, 2015

Every debt is paid, Be ready for Forever

Many think they've found paradise
with luxury, pleasure and treasures
They fool themselves day after day
But the truth would leave them undone
With broken, screaming, hearts bleeding
their minds, unbelieving, going numb
And to then enjoy their riches
They sought the pleasures of the flesh

When faced with my own dilemma
I learned the truth, a lesson in love
People want to be King of this world
While those who seek the truth
Are shunned
Most spend all of their days waiting
Counting debts and sums
That could have been me

I've been living for the one
Morning is here and the Son is shining
The new day is begun and He is brilliant
And more glorious
Than one thousand suns
His work is done
And I am ready
For the ever