Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Gods of Sleep are Selfish

Far away in the dream lands
I have a lover who loves my soul
But I am only able to see her
When I dream
And I am alone in my world
Until I am able to sleep
Falling asleep is difficult 
I struggle and I suffer
Sleep is not so easy, for me
Some are blessed to close their eyes
Enter the dreams as if it is innate
Others do not have to do even that
Dream enters their waking state
The hours of sleep
That we treasure and cherish
Are not naturally occurring for all

Some of us have to beseech Hypnos
Or beg Thanatos
Entice Morpheus to enter our mind
And dream
Let them take away whatever we offer
In exchange for our sanity
We receive the depth of thought
That makes us see
The future perfectly clearly
The past in exquisite detail
And the gods of that domain
Are capricious in their whims
Nothing I do or say
Changes their minds
And I linger in the inbetween
Waiting to be allowed in
But in this world
Where time is real
We only have so much time