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Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

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copyright notice

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Giving up, forever

Let's end it
Even if it hurts
I can't go on
I surrender
I never wanted
To have it go on
If I am alone here
Because solitary confinement
Forever and ever
Is torture
Just to have something
Just to have it
Isn't worth it
If you don't want me
Then we're planting
Some kind of bitter seeds
Always taking
Never giving
Always hurting
Always bleeding
If you don't want
My heart
Then give it back
And take my apology
Give your love
To someone in need
Let's just end
This cliched charade
Instead of acting
In some magnificent
Opulent faux betrayal
Some false masquerade
Meant as a final portrayal
Of love for the ages
When we forgot
Long ago
What love is supposed
To be

((This poem is not autobiographical.  I am rather frustrated to have to say that, as it removes some of the power of the words I've written, but when I write sad love poems or lost love poems if you will, I get emails from people hoping I am alright and not suicidal and asking what happened.  I use observation, personal reflection, life experiences, poetic license, and many other methods for writing and capturing emotions, this poem is informed by many things, some personal, some not.  I love my wife, so don't worry.))