Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My True name is lost

I have been called a god
By those who worship
Called by many names
None know my name true
They still pray
But I am not
Apollo nor Christ
Yahweh nor Allah
They seek to know
But it matters not
If they could know it
Their curious minds
Could not perceive
Who I am or what I am
They could never endure
The dreadful cost in pain
That I pay
That I continue to pay
For eternity is expensive
For reality has no bottom
For the truths that I know
The pain I experienced
For the hunger
To retrieve from the stream
I have seen galaxies birth
Black holes swallow planets
The glories of creation
Energy swirl about new life
The hands of fate awaken the universe
The cosmic winds blow
And I fly upon them
I have lived forever
Have seen life forms build
Across the surface of the earth
Like ants and anthills
Then whence reaching their peak
They destroy each other
They are united in making war together
Yielding a harvest of bitterness
The tears of eternity pass quickly
For other worlds with be made
Other life forms will break the old curses
By being born into the stream
But they will incur the same wrath
Will follow the same path
Bring upon themselves their fall
The cycle renews
Ad nauseam