Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I must remember always

Too often I forget
The times where I was
Fallen and broken
Forgotten by others
Spat upon
Deceiving me
Mistreating me
But you gave me hope
Gave me courage
And love and understanding
Despite my being unworthy
I have healed
I have grown wise
And I have realized
All that life offers
And still I forget
What you have done
By lightening my load
Forgiving my debt
When no one else cared
When no one else would listen
It is not easy when you've overcome
To remember
Because you must go back and relive
The times of pain and sadness
But without that I would not be worthy
Of all you have done for me
I'd like to believe that I am
An honorable man
And to be worthy
Requires my mindful task
Of being aware
Of how I arrived where I am
From the first moments
To the last
Is a journey
A continuum
And that path
Cannot be understood
With the moments of joy
Ignoring those times
When I was crushed
I surrender
For your flag
Is the one I serve under
Yours is the one
That I carry upon my chest
And shield