Thursday, September 4, 2014

God and Swan

He saw her from a distance
He wanted her
She was seeking solace
She was uncovered
Nude but for the foiliage
Around the pond
While others watched
Upon far Olympus
The gods and goddesses
Found spectacle
Found sport
In the interaction
Of these two beings
One of their own
From Olympus
Would fail, spectacularly
Despite their outwardly human form
They were not
She was a queen
Of her elvish race
He was a god
A warrior
A king
She was unmoved by his form
He was very aware
Of her, her scent
Her black hair
Her white skin
He quickened
She felt fear
She ran from him
He pursued
Desperate to escape
She transformed from nymph to swan
He stopped in his tracks
The black swan quickly leaped to the air
With a wild flapping of wings
The warrior god stared as she rose
He knew he could call upon the thunder
Or the rain, to slow her escape
But he didn't lust her
Any longer
He simply was bemused
That she was unique
Different than any other being
What other magic did she possess
Her mysterious being was so alluring
Her difference more beautiful
Than her beauty
To the god who watched

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