Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Winds of my soul, blow through

  Cast out and filled with doubt
I have fallen
My flesh now cold
Winter without snow
Winds blow
Burn inside of me
Inside my soul
As I am cast aside
Losing a sacred destiny
Out of my reach
Future consumed
A quest failed
Deeply wounded
Crows call out
Telling me to look
Beyond myself
Through my cloak of sorrow
Wrapped across this body
The pain flows
I was burning inside
My eyes were dry
I had cried
Bitter tears
Every time
They had poured down
Like a flood
Over the barren desert plain
From my deepest pain
Dust came rising up
From my boots
In the Valley of Death
I wore a crown of thorns
Caked in blood
And dirt
My destiny fading
I had no home
I walked
Broken by cynical fears
Broken by jaded dreams
Until you came to my side
I finally woke unto my being
My flesh became alive
When I tasted your soul
I became worthwhile
When I touched
Your hand
I became hope
You amaze me
Your spirit is flying
High above the surface
Beyond anything I know
Exquisite and elegant
Angelic vision
Otherworld exotic
Beauty beyond measure
Nothing so vulgar or erotic
You are a higher being
Above all humanity
Holding me
As you soar
Teaching me the truth
As your celestial spirit beams
Far from the land I know
From Eden to urbanity
From existence
To surreality
Yours is the star
Rising over the horizon
To be celebrated by lower beings
Because you are worthy
Of the love and adoration
I feel your serenity
As the peace surrounds you
A blanket of stars
Wrap us tightly
I am by your side
You are healing me
From a lifetime
That had scarred
My soul
You are my destiny
I know
Now I know