Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Burning Fields

A future form of torture
Will see my thoughts
Published as words
To my horror
My world will be upturned
When the world learns
I am waiting for your call
After all this time
I have not moved forward
The world knows my fortunes
I never give up
Because I have nothing
That is of worth
To anybody
Not even me
Don't you see
I am here still
I was left behind
And there is nothing left
But the words I think
Being read by everyone will reveal
The truth
I am nobody
I am nothing
There is nothing good
Any longer
Take a walk in my field
The grass is burned
The drought surreal
And you never returned
To harvest my heart
You never returned
To reap my soul
The seeds were planted
And left to die
But the world still eats
There is no famine
Only one person is damaged
That is me