Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Sea, The Devastation

So horrible
None could believe
It had happened
It was reality
Despite the surreal power
The event with
Stunning results
We remember
We remember so that the future
Does not forget
The tales that the elder races still tell
A catastrophe
So powerful
To be the death knell
Of a civilization
Bells rung in honor of their loss
In every port
Showing simply
Their respect
They struck the bells
In solemn memory
For the sorrow
A distant continent
Fell from view
During a shattering quake
With enormous swells
The waves grew
Wounding the earth
Where the sea reached up
And swallowed down
The near west of the land
Near the gates of Hell
A castle upon the coast
Killing the people
Fear was rampant
Terror the common woe
Destroyed citadels
Left behind
They moved inland
The ocean reached forward
And swallowed
And the bones of the buildings
Speak only of the toll
Of the final days
Of the place