Thursday, August 14, 2014

Not Again

You tell me not to cry
You say it every day
Tears of pain go away
But the scars remain
Upon my body
Or my soul
Your strict hand
Teaching obedience
Cannot understand
What you did to me
Nor I your desire to control
All I am
If you loved me
You would not do
What you do to me
You don't give a damn
You don't care at all
And my life
Is still in shambles
And my heart
Is still on fire
From the humiliation
From the domination
So I cry
And the tears go away
But they'll be back
When the day is done
I might lose
But you haven't won
I might die
But you'll never control
All I am
Ever again
Don't look away
I'm unashamed
Of my voice
Of my fist