Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hope Is a Liar

From here
I don't have to be
Anyone but me
In my home
I never leave
Like a movie CD
Stuck in place
Playing the same scene
Misery over and over
Forever took too long to end
Legacies entwined
I wish to be alone
Leave me my friend
I wish to die
I can sit in this room
Without your company
Without your presence
To give me hope
I prefer living without
Hope is for those 
Who will lose
My life is my own
To give or take back
From others
Nothing needing to be atoned
Because I never understood
Buffered and not in colour
Thoughts of despair
That only exist
Because you insist
That you care
But you do not
So I resist
Your love isn't fair
And never will be