Monday, August 11, 2014

Great Theseus

Theseus, child of the earth
Also born of the Gods
Possessed of a birthright
A royal charge

One day he'd be king
Son of two fathers
Raised in secret
By his mother

He grew up loved and brave
A child of destiny
While his peers
Hungered solely for power

Theseus was different
A DemiGod
Young but wise
Courageous yet insightful

Theseus was nonetheless willing
To give his life for his people
After Athens had angered 
The King of Crete, Minos

He, who long harbored a grudge
Asked for a ritual sacrifice
The youth of Athens
Would die in fear

Prey within the labyrinth
The Minotaur would hunt them
Would track them
Slay them

He hungered to feast
Upon the innocent
The slaughter of Athenian youth
Would feed his belly

Despite his lineage Theseus would face
The possibility of a cruel death
By taking the place of one
Meant for the sacrifice

He was given spool of thread
By the daughter of the Cretean king
Who had fallen in love
And didn't want Theseus dead

With stealth he made his way through the maze
Theseus was ready
Found, then attacked the minotaur
And struggled until only one lived

Theseus rose from the ground
Having killed his foe
And the aura of fate
Embraced him

He was a hero
A Demigod
A man
And king