Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You left me hanging there

You knew I needed you
Like a desert basin
Needs rain
You knew I loved you
Like a ballet dancer
Needs grace
And still you lingered
Between your heart
And brain
Refusing to be
Under a spell
So dangerous
But it was just me and I was
Going through hell
With every capricious whim
And twist
You put me through
The rope
Growing restless
In the wind
So willing to break
But you kept me hanging there
Without an answer
What did I do
To deserve this
Why couldn’t you love me
Or let me go away
You know its true
That I am a fool
And you made me ashamed
For loving you
A sacrificial lamb
For you
For being loyal
To someone
Who could do this to me
But I am
Such a fool for you
I love you so
So Damned
So Damned
I am so damned