Saturday, August 27, 2011

Solitary Confinement

My memories are held in a place
That I rarely wish to visit
Kept hidden in the depths
Of the worst of prisons
Chained and tortured
Confessions flowing
Angry screams
No escape, no release
Living nightmares, never dreams
The memories haunt me
Of a world I used to know
Where the life was worth living
Where the dreams flowed
But there is nothing now
We are memories, we are dust
Filled with anger, filled with lust
I am forever in coma
My body is cold, I cannot wake
There is no dream
Nothing worth this pain
I am dying but my flesh endures
And the spark remains
Forcing me to go on
I am breaking in this prison
In this shame of my existence
I stain the memory of this place
Of this apocalypse
Of my own making