Monday, August 8, 2011

Bloodied Broken Mirror

I am a lie
I am a bad memory
A false reflection
I stare into the distance
Crucified and frozen
Like a retarded Christ
No chance of my redemption
No one lives because I die
Broken and bloodied
The mirror reflects
All that I've survived
And I wonder why
I wonder why do I persist
There is nothing in me
Nothing worthy
Nothing about me
That other's wish
I am a mockery
Of all that is good in men
I am a false prophet
False flesh
No chance for holiness
No chance for resistance
I am reflected
In a broken bloodied mirror
The owner of my flesh
Has nothing but pain
And when I am dissected
There will be nothing to gain
For inside me is clay
Mud and water dried
And when I am gone
I will be forgotten
With no tears cried
For I reflect
I am decay
With only the slightest worth
My flesh dries
My being gone
I am ash in the sky
Unworthy of any song
No mourning will be heard
No tears will be cried
I will be poured upon the earth
In ash, in word
Without life