Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sadly Awake

Awake now
I dreamed her
Last night
I wish I were
With her
Next to me
So near
Still asleep
While there
I was in love
With the woman
Who woke me up
I was spellbound
And where I’d dreamed her
She was with me
She was beautiful, and alive,
As I breathed, as I sleep
But I was dreaming of her
Dreaming her into being
Because that is all I have
That is all I am
Asleep, to this world
Hoping to reach her
In that other
I have no other things
That are so worth having
I fly in that place
Holding her hands
She makes my heart grow
And lets me escape fate
And circumstance
I dream her
She is there
If this life is worth anything
I’ll dream the chance
To find her
To hold her
To make her mine
In the other place
So beautiful so sublime
Where dreams