Saturday, April 8, 2017

in the morning, they linger

In the morning
They linger
Where it is quiet
And white with mist
They are silent
Keeping aware
The deer feed on grass
That should they remain
When the sun
Burns the mist away
Predators will hunt
Their ears prick up
Hearing and sensing
A human stranger
But there is no danger
Here rides
A human warrior
Upon a chariot
Armed for battle
Cu Chulainn is renowned
Being pure of soul
But black spirit in war
The deer continue feeding
To Cu Chulainn
Hero and bold
The deer hold no interest
His heart longs for action
He is a hero
And there are many wrongs
To address
Before the day grows old

Books featuring Celtic heroes, written by me, illustrated by Ed Quinby and others.

Books about Celtic heritage and history, not by me.