Sunday, April 30, 2017

Achilles and Hector

Zeus looked down upon the scene
From high Olympus he watched
Upon the shores of Anatolia
There the Sea of Helle washed 
Along the coast a city called Troy
Surrounded by Greeks
Arrayed for war
Athena, Goddess of Wisdom
Inspired so many to fight with courage
But many more followed Ares
God of battle, Lover of war
Who had loosed his power
In the hearts of the combatants
He found there many things to his liking
Who knows the ways of the Gods
So powerful, so distant
So perfect, so capricious
What lessons have they taught 
If they are so cruel
How can man know different
How can they create life so beautiful 
But be entertained by carnage 
Wars of men leave them fulfilled
Battle before the walls of Troy
Soon legends were wrought
Greeks opposed the Trojans
To rescue a stolen princess
Yet she stolen with her permission
After innumerable forays
Melees and slaughter ensued
Sent forth two champions 
The two finest warriors fought
Both were courageous
Both were born of perfection
Equal in strength
Equal in agility
Each had enormous skills
With the spear
With the shield
One moved by anger
The other by hope
The bloodlust in Achilles
Set his path to victory
But he was not generous
Taking his joy
In his kill
By desecrating the body
Dragging it behind the victor's chariot
The vessel for honorable battle
By a violent hero
Being infantile
Only the tears of a father
Could loose Achilles
From his hideous thrill
At defeating one
Who took a life
In fair battle
Of his friend
How cold it was
How unworthy
What an ignominious end