Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fallen Irony

From the heights of the cosmos
To the depths of the mire
There is no escape
I admire
The naivety
Of  the damned
Since they have entered
My hellish land
They scream in pain
They moan in fear
They do not realize
I am like them
Only worse
  My domain is fearsome
Filled with servants
These burning hells
Are now my home
 My servants hate me
They long to betray me
What awaits me is slavery
 Kneeling before the throne
 I cannot be redeemed
For I defied the creator's plan
I demanded to be seen as an equal
I am perverse
I burn with ire
For I know why I am here
 The traits I have 
My beauty and charisma
Should not give me pride
They are not my own
 They were given to me
By my creator
So now I am
A master of the lands
Many think me the ruler
Holding the damned
Under my thumb
My role is one I cherish
But despite this
To rule over the lake of fire
As the lord of the unsaved
I play a role
In the drama of the cosmos
I play a role in the epic play
Of one who serves
My pride was foolish
I lost everything
By capricious whim
I am not a master
But one who serves him
Upon a throne
Within a cage
In the end he has won
There is nothing now
I am alone and ashamed
I cannot escape my servitude
My own flesh weakens
My beauty fades
My spirit was tamed
And I am alone
Inside my own lake of fire
Engulfed in hate
I refuse to submit
So I suffer
I am consumed
By my rage