Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The truth does not require Faith

The knowledge was ancient
Somehow I found it
It was wisdom
And I know
It is the truth
I don't simply believe
And the truth requires
Nothing like faith
I bring coins
To place upon my eyes
As payment of the toll
When I die
The ferryman doesn't work for free
This world I've entered
A domain that holds souls
Charon carries me across
As the river flows
So many drown
Coinless they came
And mindless of the cost
Our lives burn a hole
Upon the tapestry
Of life
I am
A burden
A cost of sin
Covered in blood
From the wages
I never paid
My breathes shortened
The life of others
By my greed
And here I sit
In the realm
Of Pluto
So dark is Tartarus
So black my soul
Here I sit
In the eternal place
Where souls remain
For their acts