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Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

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copyright notice

Monday, April 18, 2016


Though Perseus was a man
He was born of different bloodlines
A greater form of nobility
He was human, a hero 
But more
He was of extraordinary spirit 
With striking looks, agility 
Possessed of great strength
Trained by masters
His deeds would echo in eternity
His duty would be celebrated
He was chosen for a moment 
Of brash voice and youth
To become his generation's hero
Who would be remembered
Ever unto time
Because fate demands
And destiny requires
He was called to be more
Than any man of his time
His bloodline was mixed
Of human and god
He was the son of Zeus
With a mother from human kind
It showed in his courage
He was known to the gods
And blessed by them
Magical items he was furnished
Winged sandals from Hermes
A helm of darkness from Hades
A polished mirror shield from Athena
From his father Zeus
He received a sword, 
Of the hardest material known
To mankind
As Adamant
Yes Perseus was called 
To slay a creature
Called a gorgon
By name as Medusa
Cursed by the gods 
For her enormous vanity
Formerly a human woman
Now a beast
Her hair changed to snakes
And her eyes able 
To turn mortals to stone
She was feared
And so dangerous
Perseus was brave
But who would not harbor fear
Even the gods fear death
When facing uncertainty
Using the gifts
Perseus was able
Along with his wits
To slay the gorgon
Beheading her
And thereafter
Released from the viscera
Two amazing beings
A golden giant
And a winged horse
Only by slaying 
Was the curse lifted
And Perseus remembered
Through time