Thursday, April 7, 2016

She called to me, as I died

So many of us
Dying or dead
We lay where we fell
The blows of men
Edges made of steel
And arrows
Ripping our bodies
The snows turned red
Into a powerful winter wind
I see a white figure
Upon the field of recent snow
And she beckons me come
The glimpse of hope
A gossamer thin veil
Gives me a glow
By it all
I can’t walk
To her I say
You allow me to fly
I answer only to your call
Before she came
I was so cold
With no way
To rise
But the hope
Gives me strength
And for her
While the gale winds blow
My last ounce of courage
Is poured
She is so elegant
So exquisite
From her heart flows
The path to my release
She shimmers
In celestial glory
And in my hand
Frozen and bleeding
I reach and try
Despite slipping
From my grasp
I will hold her
Before my eyes
Close upon this land
For good