Friday, February 12, 2016

Tomorrow might be worse

Je suis fini
The city is foul with smoke
From coal stoked chimneys
Industrial noise pollutes the air
Our garbage is strewn
All around us
So that we can
Consume more
This earth is bleeding
I close my eyes
Make still my being
I listen to the beating
Of cataclysm's rhythm

I ask myself
If survival is enough
Because I know the truth
This world is dying
If I am alive
Is it even better than death
Why bother
Why bother
All the while
The green has been calling
There is nothing like its voice
I've found no other sound
That causes my heart
To rejoice

I am not given
The right to choose
Between my soul
And my mind
The world keeps trying
Mais il échoue dès le début 
I sorrow the decay of this world
I grieve the death of hope
I cannot continue endlessly
Je suis très fatigué d'essayer