Saturday, November 29, 2014

Believing in Forever

Never let me go
I believe in forever
Lay with me
Be with me
Sleep, dream and walk together
Let our bond be firm
Never be undone
I want to spend each moment
Loving you, none other
Because you are the only one
We have so little time upon this place
Every second should be dear
Time is not permanent
Our place is insecure
We hear echoes
In the gloaming
Of the ghosts of our past
Coming near
Sand through our fingers
Time lost to each day
Moments lost to our present
Lingering in our fears
Time slips through our bodies
Nothing is left in the end
But the water from our tears
Memories and regrets
Shall never amount to a thing
But the longer we stand and stare
At every ocean of tears
We lose the present moments
And lose time to be near