Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We are all going to die
But some were never alive
Some are bred as flesh
Some are slave to society's drive
Others have a purpose
To serve as food
Others have a purpose
To be bred for their parts
Like spare parts
And in the test tube they grow
Without accompanying soul
Driven by our desire
To live forever

We breed selectively
To achieve a goal
To create a combination
Of flesh that appeals
To our eyes
To our greed
To our decay
To our needs
We are going to create
A new human being

One that is born without a soul
So that its flesh might be used
So that the world is not for its use

So missing a leg?
Just donate your sperm or egg
And we'll cook you up a new one
Right away
And while we're at it
How about a new eye
A new nose
Or brand new teeth

Because we can now breed ourselves
Preventing certain things
Like brains
From developing
As if we are working
The Flesh Mine
Sooner than later
We'll pollute the entire earth
Making survival impossible
And when that occurs
Don't be a fool
You know it will
We'll be breeding the flesh
For food