Monday, January 16, 2012

So Beautiful, Princess

I'd call it a dream
But I wasn't asleep
I saw, with my eyes
My own eyes
So I know my dream was real
But I can't decide,
If I was fortunate
Or cursed
For I'll never see
Someone so beautiful
This being was perfect
So beautiful
Like a Princess
Who rose up
And walked towards me
Up from the waters
And shore's reeds
She was silent
With eyes so clear blue
She was more than I could believe
But there she was
Without words of my own
I just gazed at her form
For she was clearly from another place
Than this one
I was alone
And saw her
And she walked towards me
Embraced me
Touched me
Kissed me
Tears streamed down
For she was my love
Returned to me
And I was home
Wherever she might deign to dwell
I don't know what happened next
Was I asleep, but awake
In heaven turned hell
I don't know
But I do know this
I'll never see another person
So beautiful
So stunningly beautiful
As her